The Importance of Choosing the Right Equipment for Hazardous Waste Disposal


Environmental remediation companies help businesses maintain an efficient waste control system. To streamline all processes, it is imperative that they use the right equipment for smart, cost-effective hazardous waste disposal.

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Essential Hazardous Waste Disposal Tools

Utilizing the appropriate equipment is critical in operating by proper environmental, health, and safety standards. Here are four equipment that help largely with effective waste disposal.

  1. Vacuum Trucks

    These tank trucks use vacuum technology to transport and dispose of a full range of waste streams including liquids, sludges, slurries, and other solid by-products. Vacuum trucks are primarily engineered for removing dry and wet industrial waste across a range of operational situations, such as:

• Sewer, pipe, and drain cleaning

• Tank and vessel cleaning

• Liquid and powder removal for disposal and recycling

• Sludge removal from industrial ponds and water treatment plants

• Underground water tank cleaning

• Transporting materials from cargo holds, boiler fireboxes, confined spaces, among others

Here at AB Environmental, we use an average of 6,000-gallon tankers or vacuum trucks (2,100-4,500 gallons) for pumping and hauling wastewater to treatment and oil recycling facilities. All our vacuum trucks are operated by professional and well-trained personnel.

  1. Liftgate Box Trucks

    Commonly used for drum waste removal, Liftgate Box Trucks are used to collect and dispose of industrial containerized waste including sludge, waste paints, and hazardous waste. Its liftgate capabilities allow convenient loading of materials into the truck and safe transport of any drum waste, as mandated by the Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  2. Rotary Impingement

    This uses a patented technology that combines pressure and flow to clean hard-to-reach tank areas. Rotary impingement is a proven tank-cleaning technology that reduces costs and saves time by approximately 80%. It allows convenient tank cleaning in various areas including:

• food and beverage facilities

• pharmaceutical facilities

• municipal water applicants

This technology ensures 100% cleaning, no matter the size of the tank or the residue left. In addition, it does not require sending workers into a confined space to scrub, allowing improved worker safety.

  1. Air Movers

    These are air-based technology typically used to disperse fumes, cool down rooms or individuals in elevated temperature conditions, or move air into confined spaces. Air movers are usually applied in refineries, shipyards, manhole ventilations, and chemical plants.

Advantages of Using the Right Waste Disposal Equipment

Businesses face strict environmental regulations from the federal, state, and local government — and choosing the right environmental remediation service provider is critical in adhering to these regulations. The right company can help you quickly and cost-efficiently complete your developmental projects and maximize profit margins by using cutting-edge disposal equipment. This allows:

  • Thorough disposal of waste.

    Globally, waste disposal comprises 20% to 50% of municipal budgets, which is an expensive service. A reliable waste disposal company sees to it that the municipality’s waste disposal requirements are fulfilled at the most reasonable rate.
  • Assurance of waste management expertise.

    Every large corporation has its waste disposal goals to meet, and they need to have the right company to assure them of proper pickup.
  • Safety and security.

An effective waste management company will make sure that they perform their tasks within OSHA confined space entry services.

Efficient Solid Waste Management near Me

For state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methods, call us at AB Environmental. Our team guarantees quick and effective environmental compliance and emergency response during waste disposal. Our crew of operations managers, health and safety offices, hazmat technicians, and equipment operators are on-hand to give you help. Fill out our contact form now to request a quote.