Date: 03/15/2019

Various companies that promote solid waste management near me have one goal: to protect the environment and the health of the population. Implementing an excellent waste management scheme and incorporating the services of a team of professionals is vital for the sustainability of the environment.

Solid waste management is not just a corporate social responsibility or a non-priority service anymore; it is everyone's responsibility. For a deeper understanding of the solid waste management process, you need to have a complete understanding of the different solid waste solutions. Let’s take a good look at how solid wastes are handled, and the advantages each method has, both economically and environmentally.

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Various Types of Solid Waste Management Solutions

Solid wastes make up most of the commercial, residential, and industrial waste churned out daily. Here are some examples of solid waste management near me:

  • Landfills

Landfills are the most used form of waste management. In this method, solid wastes are gathered and placed in specially designated areas away from residential properties. Places used as landfills include old and neglected quarries and mining areas. Most landfills are used to handle the consolidation of solid wastes or to process waste materials.

  • Composting

Composting involves decomposition of biodegradable waste in a low-lying open area out of the city where garbage is collected and dumped. The resulting products from the composition can be used for manure. Through biological recycling, soil fertility is improved.

  • Incineration

In incineration, solid waste is burned at a high temperature and converted into residues and gaseous products.  Because of environmental concerns, incinerators should be constructed without emitting too much heat when burning wastes. A huge advantage of using the incineration method is lessening solid waste by 20-30%.

  • Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is a type of solid waste management wherein solid wastes are decomposed by heat within zero presence of oxygen. Pyrolysis typically occurs under pressure and at operating temperatures around 806 °F. Through this procedure, solid wastes are converted into solid residue, gas, and small amounts of liquid.

  • Recycling

Through recycling, waste substances are converted into new products. This is one of the more environmentally friendly methods, as it lessens the need to totally get rid of waste. Instead, they are repackaged in a new form.

Environmental solutions and emergency spill response companies have facilities to perform these processes or have a tie-up with other institutions. They include this information on their website and other collaterals to give you an easier time in selecting who to partner with for your waste management concerns.

Worry-Free Waste Disposal

Solid waste disposal doesn’t have to be hard or environmentally-damaging. With the help of a knowledgeable environmental remediation service, you can get rid of troublesome waste materials.

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