AB Environmental Auto Dealership Services

AB Environmental has been servicing auto dealerships in Long Island and the five boroughs for over 40 years. In addition to just collecting waste oils, antifreeze, and contaminated water (oily or car wash waste) we are also capable of disposing of used oil filters, oily debris, contaminated soil and sludge, and any other non-hazardous waste. Should you have a spill of some kind AB Environmental is the remediation specialist! We will dispose of any contaminated materials and keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

We supply and service parts-washing and brake-washing sinks with non-flammable or aqueous solvent solutions and our solids Vactor trucks can clean out your storm drains, catch basins, oil/water separators, and any pits or floor troughs.

We are a fully compliant company that keeps a watchful eye on the changes to regulations within the automotive industry to ensure a customer experience beyond expectation. Have AB Evironmental provide used oil pump out and related management services and we’ll offer storage tank compliance audit guidance and assist you in staying in compliance with local and state regulatory requirements. We also specialize in retrofits and Oil-Water Separator maintenance, which is a semi-annual regulatory requirement in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

In addition, our state-of-the-art manifesting and computerized tracking system ensures that information regarding your waste stream management is readily available for your easy reference or to address potential inquiries by regulatory agencies.


  • Waste Oil Removal
  • Oil Filter Disposal
  • Oil Contaminated Debris Disposal
  • Anti-freeze Disposal
  • Car Wash Waste Water Disposal
  • Washer Fluid Supply
  • Parts Washer Sink Supply
  • Emergency Spill Response & Remediation
  • Oil / Water Separator Maintenance
  • Tank Compliance & Retrofits
  • Storm Drain, Catch Basin, Pit, or Floor Trough Cleaning

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