Things You Need to Know about Hazardous Waste Disposal Profiles

Date: 03/08/2019

The EPA has numerous requirements and procedures when it comes to hazardous waste disposal. One of these is a Hazardous Waste Profile. Known in the past as a waste characterization profile, having a complete Hazardous Waste Profile is essential to any company disposing of hazardous waste.

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Importance of Hazardous Waste Profile

The EPA requires companies to create a Hazardous Waste Profile every time they remove hazardous waste. This profile has to be presented to your treatment and disposal facility (TSD). Without this profile, the TSD won't be able to accept your shipment legally.

The Hazardous Waste Profile allows TSDs to determine whether they can accept your hazardous waste. This helps them to address concerns such as waste management (i.e., further processing, incineration, landfill, etc.).

Every Hazardous Waste Profile you generate must be fully accurate and signed by you or your listed managers as proof of accuracy. If any information is found to be incorrect, companies can face EPA sanctions, fines, or more serious consequences.

Contents of a Hazardous Waste Profile

A Hazardous Waste Profile will ask you to list down data like:

  • The chemical composition of your hazardous waste
  • Its manner of creation, such as an accidental spill, industrial by-product, etc.
  • Form
  • Whether it’s odorous or not
  • Volatility
  • Flashpoint
  • How you intend to transport it
  • DOT description
  • EPA hazardous waste code

How to Keep Hazardous Waste Profiles Updated

Do you routinely send a particular quantity and type of hazardous waste to a treatment and waste disposal facility? Then chances are that you also send the same Hazardous Waste Profile ahead of your shipment. If so, you need to ensure that the specific industrial or scientific processes that govern your waste generation have not changed over time.

If those processes have changed, then the chemical constituents of your hazardous waste materials may be dramatically different from your previous Hazardous Waste Profiles.

Therefore, it’s vital to review each profile so you can be sure that it’s still a precise description of your generated hazardous waste. An effective way to do this is to schedule annual reviews with your TSD to keep everything up to date and accurate.

Call AB Environmental for Expert Help

It can be challenging to maintain and complete proper Hazardous Waste Profiles. That's why it's essential to retain a hazardous waste disposal company like AB Environmental to help you stay on top of your profiles with expert guidance.

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